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    Binary Options – Has anyone had any experience or success? What are my other options? About me : recently started working and have some $$$ saved up looking to invest in something with relativity high returns, willing to take the risk if its a "smart" gamble. Now I've done some research about Binary Options on this subreddit and a lot of the responses are generally going to the direction about how this is exactly like gambling and that I would essentially have more luck and possibly more fun if I took my money to the baccarat tables.

    And now here I am pondering if its really worth it and if its not what are my other options? I have had some experience with stock markets as I used to work for an investment advisor, no experience with actual purchasing/selling stocks personally but I am quite familiar with technical analysis/chart trends which I think is the ultimate deciding factor in success with binary options (opinions welcome!) start with initial deposit say $5000, each position taken will be < 1% of capital most brokerage offer a payout of 60% give or take, so with that we can calculate each position if I am correct I will gain about 1.6% in capital gains and if I am wrong I will lose 1% so I would need to be correct 2/3 positions taken to be "in the money".

    now those seem like pretty bad odds, I know. but at the same time it provides the greatest returns so high risk high reward? Using that example with $5K if I am able to achieve 2/3 positions won after 100 trades I would have profited 20%, $1000 in other words. thoughts on this? And if not Binary Options then what other options are out there? Trading stocks in general I feel you would need a much larger capital to have any kind of significant gains, free 60 second binary options system review 1-5% returns on $5000 isn't exactly the returns one would hope for.

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